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« on: November 26, 2021, 22:17:15 »

I've played with this player for 2 rounds and then I've decided to spectate him, because of suspicious K/D ratio.

I'm pretty sure this guy is using some sort of ESP + switchable/tuned accuracy aimbot hack + mouse no-recoil script. Stats are one thing, but when spectated his movement is very suspicious. He's essentially bunnyhopping all around AND at the same time he's shooting and killing people. Now look at the accuracy on his weapons and bear in mind it's that high WHILE he jumps around. He also does ridiculous flanks, like he knows exactly where enemy players are. He navigates through smoke perfectly and what surprised me the most, he kills players with pin-point accuracy when he's still inside the smoke. 180 degree turns on target WHILE jumping were also a thing. I've also noticed he tends to "squeeze" more performance out of himself when his team is losing. Quite obvious he turns on or tunes the hacks in those particular moments.

I doubt someone could reach such skill in ONLY 115h in BF3 and 35h in BF4. For whatever reason he also changed his nickname 3 times in the past month:

And I sincerely doubt he played Overwatch and obtained skill there. At most he's likely impersonating some twitch streamer or semi-famous gamer, not to mention these are completely different games with different movement and characteristics.

Judging by the stats, he has figured out a way on how to lay low and not hit certain thresholds so he doesn't get banned to easily. On stats alone I would say he is very suspicious already, but when I've spectated him I have no doubts that he's using certain "boosters".

Have a look yourself and be the judge. Peace.