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Guideline for player reports


You NEED to follow these simple guidelines in order for us to consider banning this person:

    The Player has to be refreshed before you are creating the report!
    Add a short description like AIMBOT / DMG-HACK or similar!
    The requests must be reasonable!
    Give as much information as possible regarding why you want the player banned. Just saying a player did this, really is not enough information. Links to stats, battlelog report, etc is needed please.
    The more valuable information, links, etc. . the easier it will be to ban this person!
    Links to Battlereports HAVE TO SHOW THE CORRECT SOLDIER! not the person who is creating the report!

Reports who are against those RULES will be deleted instantly
- if you think you wan't to create spam we will close SPAM accounts very fast!


Just reporting the name is not helping , we need proof.
Even if you are sure someone is cheating we need proof.
just putting the link to a player without a battlereport are usually just ignored.


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