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« on: February 10, 2019, 21:22:44 »
Hello dear workers 247fairplay! A new cheat that your anti-cheat does not detect!
 Today in server
  Cheater under the name NihadBOSna killed me with one shot !

New undetected punkbuster cheat heare is proof,kdr,wlr,global.longesths,global.headshots,accuracy,hkperc
Longest Kill Steak = 73 its nonsense !!!
SPM=1316  its nonsense !!!
This cheater is constantly changing accounts, please ban it on the Internet Protocol address (IP address) !!!

I'm 100 Colonel in Battlefield 3 game and I have more than 1834 hours of game experience.
I'm the administrator of the game server Batelfield 3,please help to learn and forbid cheaters and protect honest players!

247fairplay our only hope !

 Thanks in advance