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« on: February 04, 2019, 18:49:36 »

 Hello dear workers A new cheat that your anti-cheat does not detect!
 Today in server
  Cheater under the name OnlyM16A34life killed me with one shot !

New undetected punkbuster cheat heare is proof
SPM=   1953   its nonsense !!!
Weapon M9  HS/K=37.25% its nonsense !!!
This cheater is constantly changing accounts, please ban it on the  Internet Protocol address (IP address)  !!!

I'm 100 Colonel in Battlefield 3 game and I have more than 1755 hours of game experience.
I'm the administrator of the game server Batelfield 3,please help to learn and forbid cheaters and protect honest players! our only hope !

Thanks in advance