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« on: July 17, 2016, 19:44:57 »

hard to proove, he seems to use aimbot against certain targets, in flood zone he picked up heli, got shot down few times, then he dissapears/disconnects and comes 5min later, suddenly he kills me every time with heli in perfect timing, I have my aim on him whole time (not perfect middle) while we started the shooting at 50m aprox. I did to him 50 while he did full 100hp of mine, idk if a guy who can't kill a igla that fast can manage that... and this happens over and over (the funny thing is I shoot him down with Igla as solo infrantry aiming him... he can't even fly good, for 17k kills with bird he is legitely bad). I started to think he uses aimbot against me in heli and he doesn't use it for play again infrantry. So, how would that guy get banned? Cuz there's obv many of such who use ESP/Aimbot and get better scores cuz of it, I have some players bookmarked who came on server, aimboted obviously, shoot PDW's at long ranges and such bs and still aren't banned... this is a joke. This guy is cheating, it's just that he hides it most of the time.