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Hello dear Administrators.
« on: December 28, 2015, 06:25:59 »
Hello dear Administrators.
Sorry for my english, I'm from Russia.  ;)
And so, I played a long time on your server BF3.
" | GGC PBBans MetaBans ACI" This is one of my favorite servers. I like it all, but unfortunately my K / D has grown and stopped to let me play.
I know all your rules, and always follow them. I never use cheats and never for anything, I will not do that.
I very much want to continue playing on your servers.
And how to understand need ask your VIP.
It would be nice.
Sincerely, Vladimir. 8)

My nick-name: "oTcocu_y_TaHKa"
My BL:
BF3 ID: 1060164232
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